Instytut Ozonu

Veterinary Medicine

Ozonotherapy has a wide spectrum of applications, also in the treatment of animals.

Ozone is widely used in the treatment of long-healing wounds, often resistant to antibiotic treatment, in dermatology (dermatitis, otitis media), in interne (diarrhea). Ozonotherapy has an effect on inflammatory processes, the immune system, strongly affects the metabolism of oxygen in the cell. It has a special effect on red blood cells – erythrocytes – prevents red blood cells from sticking together and thus improves blood supply to the tissues. Ozone is administered in the form of intramuscular injections, as autohemotherapy, in the form of infusions of ozone fluids, dry gas baths, as well as ointments.

An example of the use of ozone therapy in veterinary medicine is dr
Stefan Rugina Ph.D. from Romania.

The Bozon – Bagato device has been designed to improve blood donation in the procedure of autohemiotransfusion. Accelerates and facilitates the collection of blood from the patient, as well as the administration of dosed blood to the body.
Bozon – Bagato has a reversible peristaltic pump with a cam type actuator and a microprocessor control system, including a microcontroller, an optical sensor for pump performance, an optical sensor to complete the DAHT procedure, a push-button keyboard and electroluminescent indicators for pump performance and procedure time. The use of the module significantly reduces the duration of the procedure, reduces the total discomfort felt by the patient during DAHT, the number of consumables is significantly reduced.

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