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Product resulting from research and prototypes


Extracorporeal ozonation and blood oxygenation (EBOO)
The EBOO method is an advanced version of a large procedure
autohemotherapy (DAHT), which enhances its therapeutic effect by processing a large volume of blood (4 l / h) at a lower ozone concentration (<1 μg / ml).

This method is used in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, as well as in
many Latin American countries, mainly for the treatment of severe peripheral arterial disease, ischemic disease, embolism, severe dyslipidemia, Madelung’s disease, vascular diseases, necrotizing fasciitis, antibiotic-resistant septic infections, ischemic stroke, chronic heart failure and hepatitis C.
The EBOO procedure simultaneously oxygenates and ozones the blood that comes from the ulnar vein in one hand of the patient, then goes to the ozonator where it saturates with blood ozone, and then to the ulnar vein of the patient’s other hand.

Bozon Stomat

“Bozon Stomat” is intended for the production of an ozone-oxygen mixture, preparation of an ozonated distillate. Thanks to the dental nozzle, which is included in the installation kit, it is possible to painlessly treat caries and its complications, rapid and complete disinfection of the canal is carried out. Thanks to the specially designed hermetic and safe delivery of the ozone-oxygen mixture, the ingress of ozone into the patient’s respiratory tract and the environment is eliminated. The mixture of ozone and oxygen, penetrates into the carious defect, kills 99.9% of all bacteria causing caries in just 20 seconds of use.

Vacuum ozon

Vacuum massage combined with ozone is a revolutionary method
restoring health, rejuvenating the body, finding beauty,
thinness and youth. The “Boson-vacuum” module uses the unique properties of ozone and vacuum.
With the help of the Boson vacuum module in a special nozzle (included there are 4 nozzles of different sizes), a vacuum is created and a mixture of ozone and oxygen is supplied. During the procedure, the massaged areas of the body are treated with a mixture of ozone and oxygen. Thanks to this local influence, excellent results are achieved:

  1. The skin sucked into the nozzle receives a volumetric effect
    mechanical (massage), improvement of blood circulation (nutrition), stimulation of collagen synthesis and regeneration. With a sharp decrease in weight can reduce the severity of the effect of “sagging, excess” skin.
  2. Subcutaneous fat. Stepping into the nozzle after the skin,
    there is a volumetric mechanical effect (massage), fat
    the subcutaneous is broken down, the severity of cellulite decreases, lymph flow improves (edema, hyperemia, slags and toxins are eliminated).
  3. Muscles. During the massage, blood circulation improves and is eliminated
    lactic acid, removes fatigue and pain. Rehabilitation after injuries and sprains, physical effort, sports training accelerates. Removes muscle spasms.
  4. Joints. Their trophicity improves, mobility returns and salt deposits are removed.
  5. Regenerative effect: relieves stress, fatigue, nervousness. After the procedure, the patient experiences a surge of vitality and strength. Normal sleep. Activation of biologically active points and metabolic processes, increasing immunity and general resistance of the body to infections and adverse environmental factors. All this contributes to overall improvement and well-being

Bozon – Bagato

The Bozon – Bagato device has been designed to improve blood donation in the procedure of autohemiotransfusion. Accelerates and facilitates the collection of blood from the patient, as well as the administration of dosed blood to the body.
Bozon – Bagato has a reversible peristaltic pump with a cam type actuator and a microprocessor control system, including a microcontroller, an optical sensor for pump performance, an optical sensor to complete the DAHT procedure, a push-button keyboard and electroluminescent indicators for pump performance and procedure time. The use of the module significantly reduces the duration of the procedure, reduces the total discomfort felt by the patient during DAHT, the number of consumables is significantly reduced.

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